Raquel Perez Lemur White


Sizes; 39/1, 40/2, 41/1.

Raquel Perez Shoes is a company that for over 20 years and is committed specializes in craft and quality footwear sector. With locations scattered between Portugal and Spain, the sandals woman are made in a masterly way in Spain by skilled craftsmen who know their craft and for years the place with precision and understanding of new fashions. These artisans have the ability to hear each shoe as something special and unique, everything is transmitted in each creation.
This great tradition of craftsmanship is cleverly combined with the latest technology, to make sure that the final product is perfect. And so we find along with leather and other natural materials, breathable and soft leather that respects the environment and adapts to our foot leaving him free to breathe and wrapping it with love.

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