FRANKiE4 Nat Cream


Sizes; 6/1.

Founded by husband and wife duo, both Podiatrists,
our award-winning label is backed by real knowledge of the foot and lower limbs.

With body mechanics in mind, our designs aim to alleviate and prevent heel and arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and forefoot pain.  We’re proud of our supportive, unique designs, which is why we invest in patenting and/or design registrations of elements in most of the FRANKiE4 styles.

Description; Add a touch of practical chic with NAT’s punched-leather look, and iconic comfort. Fresh, fashion-forward and cult-followed for a reason! Your number one style supporter, NAT complements every look from cozy autumnal coats to breezy summer dresses and shorts.

Styling Tip: Pair NAT (with or without laces) with crisp white tees and jeans—voila, weekend chic.

Specifications; Elastic gusset; wear with or without laces

Leather lined upper with specifically placed foam lining
to alleviate pressure on the skin

Sneaker sole designs are free of steel shanks and heavy materials

Lightweight, supportive clouds under your feet

Podiatrist designed dual density moulded polyurethane sole;
durable outer sole, soft midsole

Leather upper

Leather lined footbed

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